Our Approach

We aim to provide a perfect blend of professional and personal care. It is our belief that each individual requires a particular kind of care and we try to meet those unique needs through the development of client to caregiver relationships. It is our passion to provide each individual with the unique care and attention that they require. 

Our Story

Assisted Care Consultants was founded by two life long friends, Justin Dye and Travis Gillmore, both of whom have dedicated themselves to serving and assisting the Portland community. This journey of service began in 2006 at Portland State University where they studied medicine and teaching respectively. After his studies, Justin began to serve as a caregiver and medical professional. He has continued this service for the past ten years and continues to follow his passion of helping and assisting others each day. Travis graduated from PSU in 2011 and has worked as a teacher and caregiver for children with disabilities for the past 7 years. Both of them volunteered their time, while at PSU, at Senior facilities throughout the state. Through this process they developed a passion for helping and caring for others. Now they have now joined together to realize their dream of providing the best possible care for individuals throughout the state of Oregon through the ACC organization.